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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

I joined scentsy on 31st May 2017, mainly as my sister asked me to. I was just going to happily earn scentsy free. That was until i began selling and making friends and most importantly - growing in confidence! How could it have taken me 28 years to get here and 8 months to completely change me. Ive never looked back! Ive earnt stacks of commision, a totally free 7 day med cruise and my life has been totally changed for the better. The confidence and friends i have gained during my journey are irreplacable, im a different person, i can speak to new people! Go places alone none of which i could do previous to scentsy. The company as a whole are amazing! The commision, free credit, incentives ect all bonuses of a job i really enjoy doing. Thanks to scentsy mine & my families lives are changed forever. Ive even begun to build my own team! Yes plain old me now has 5 recruits below me, im changing and growing everyday. You can too - wether its through purchasing scentsy or joining - contact me today.